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AXIS Email Collection & Delivery

Even though today email is a common communication method, many businesses and organizations don't know the email addresses of even their most valued customers. And even though companies ask customers for email addresses in a number of ways, collecting them is often exception processing and is not done efficiently or in a way that offers the security customers desire. This impacts an organization's ability to communicate with its customers in a timely manner and increases the recurrent costs associated with statement production and mailing.

Having AXIS manage collection of email addresses supports the effective use of email as a communications and marketing tool. It works by placing a link on your website that leads a customer through a secure opt-in process that is branded with your company identity but takes place on AXIS servers. The process incorporates the industry best-practice of sending an authenticating email to the customer to which they must respond. This helps ensure the process is secure and enhances customer confidence.

Once a customer has opted in, AXIS can implement a full range of communications and invoicing or statement presentment services. These could be emails used in lieu of traditional invoices and statements or notification that their statements are ready for viewing with links to a presentment engine, payment reminders, or other vital communications.

Key features of AXIS email collection and delivery:

  • Challenge authentication and email address confirmation.
  • Administrative console and Admin profile management – allows you to control logos, colors, email subject line, email body content and more.
  • Inclusion of marketing and educational inserts.
  • Automated email address list maintenance.
  • Account and bounce back reporting.

Used in tandem, these options let companies make a "green" statement by reducing paper use and offer the added advantage of reducing postage and mailing costs.

AXIS email collection and delivery optimizes email as a powerful, accepted and convenient tool for your customers and helps your organization operate leaner and more efficiently.


"The City of Melbourne is appreciative to the dedicated team effort that AXIS demonstrated to facilitate the City's E-BILL option for our customers.  AXIS was genuinely cooperative with incorporating our unique requests on Melbourne's  website design. We believe that not only have our customer's benefitted from this product, but we anticipate significant postage savings in the future."

Wayne Rosser - City of Melbourne Utilities