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Many organizations today offer customers a choice of traditional paper statements and bills or electronic delivery through email or over the Internet. For most, this raises significant challenges in optimizing processing and distribution workflows and for customer service personnel responding to calls and questions from customers. Processing and distribution processes can differ widely, costing time, money and decreasing efficiency. In many instances, the version of a document a customer receives looks dramatically different from the one a customer service representative (CSR) sees on their computer screen. For most organizations, creating identical versions is a challenging, if not impossible, goal due to the complexity of datastreams, page description languages and the underlying databases that drive transactional documents.

AXIS DocuBuild solves these problems, making it easier for companies such as banks, utilities, governmental agencies, and credit unions to build virtually all types of transactional documents and view them as fully composed and customized pages that are identical in both print and electronic versions. AXIS DocuBuild uses a company's customer data, that can exist in a flat file or a datastream, to create PDFs, PostScript files, HTML pages, and more. Messages targeting specific customers or groups can be easily incorporated into documents and graphics can easily be added to add visual appeal and improve response rates.

With AXIS DocuBuild, all documents can be built according to pre-defined and fully customizable business rules using either a server-based or site-based version. When installed on a company's mainframe, the site-based AXIS DocuBuild is ideal for creating tens or even hundreds of thousands of accounts in a single process of fully composed documents. These documents can then be used for archiving, online presentment, reprinting, or virtually any other use a company can define.

For companies with more modest volumes, the AXIS Docubuild server-based model is a compelling lower cost alternative for CSRs, speeding document composition and distribution and simplifying production of single-piece reprints. Both versions offer full index and search capabilities.

AXIS DocuBuild is a flexible document composition engine that can be quickly integrated into your existing production workflow to provide superior automation of key processes yet can be highly customized to match your needs. Supporting both print and electronic distribution, AXIS DocuBuild is an ideal solution for organizations facing the challenge of 21st century transactional document production.

Credit Union
A credit union wanted to accelerate the creation and distribution of their monthly e-statements. Transmitting the monthly data to AXIS, processing time, and return of the PDFs used for e-presentment only took a couple of days, but the customer-oriented credit union wanted to move even faster. Using DocuBuild the credit union now creates fully composed statements --that are identical to customers and CSRs alike-- automatically upon completion of their monthly cycle, delivering the e-statements to customers in hours instead of days.