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For most businesses and organizations, transactional documents—bills, statements, invoices, and more are the leading lines of communication with customers. Opened every month, these trusted documents all have the potential to be used for a variety of informative, educational and promotional activities. The challenge is that implementing additional messaging is too often made out to be a costly, complex, and even an intimidating process. This image, planted in the minds of IT managers and marketing directors, stifles implementation and deprives organizations of the advantages of using transactional documents as a customer communications vehicle.

AXIS Campaign Manager is a web-based application that removes the complexity and intimidation and makes the entire process straightforward and affordable. Campaign Manager lets you access the template of a transactional document online and add a customized, targeted message or offer using pre-defined white space. A given message can go to every customer or be targeted based on demographics and established characteristics such as purchase patterns or types of accounts. For example, drawing on customer data…

  • a credit union could provide customers with young children information on college savings programs and suggest automatic monthly deposits in a 529 account.
  • a public utility could suggest ways of reducing energy costs and recommend energy-saving appliances, perhaps in conjunction with incentives from specific retailers.
  • a bank could offer refinancing programs only to mortgagees with higher interest rates

Using AXIS Campaign Manager you can choose from a wide selection of fonts and styles and can easily include the artwork of your choice. Virtually any type of artwork can be used without worrying about file types or sizes. Once uploaded, the image is automatically resized to fit its location on the statement and is ready to print using grayscale or highlight color. A proof can be emailed to colleagues for review and approval. Once the layout is adjusted to your satisfaction it can be submitted to AXIS to ensure it meets all production criteria. And, as a library of campaigns are developed, any of them can be quickly accessed, updated, and reused, saving time and streamlining production.

AXIS Campaign Manager gives all types of organizations the ability to reach out to customers by embedding important information and compelling messages in transactional documents. The actual process is easily learned, totally secure and is a cost-effective way to add more value to trusted documents and strengthen your customer relationships.

  Thank You” for all the exceptional service and innovative products you and the AXIS Team are offering their clients. The Onserts have been a complete success for us and now that you have introduced the AXIS Campaign Manager, designing, placing and approving the statements is easy to do from any web browser.
Wayne Schneck - AVP Marketing & Business Development - McCoy Federal Credit Union