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AXIS Data Solutions combines our world class transactional processing and capabilities with marketing services communications to ensure relevant and consistent communications with your customers. Marketers are faced with a rapidly changing landscape, one where many communication channels are utilized and driven by the customers expectations and desires. This has led to data being stored and utilized in multiple systems across your organization. Managing these disparate data sources and communication channels has become a full time job in and of itself. AXIS Data Solutions manages this complicated process for you freeing you up to focus on the marketing aspects of your position while we manage the execution and data required to deliver a consistent message via the channel of choice for your customers.

AXIS Data Solutions Marketing Services starts and ends with the data. In between we provide document management and campaign management for printed communications and electronic communications. We also plan and integrate your marketing communications with your transactional communications delivering relevant transpromotional messages on your statements. We also work with you to analyze the results of these integrated campaigns so that you can report on their success.

Marketing Services includes the following core components:

AXIS is SAS70 compliant because of our handling of transactional communications that require this level of audits and process management. Marketing Communications typically don't require the same level of control that is applied to the transactional processes but our capabilities in this area enhance our marketing communications and you can rest assured your data is safe with AXIS Data Solutions.

Call us to set up a discovery session where we learn about each other's business. Following that meeting we will outline recommendations for how we might work together to deliver an exceptional experience for your customers and save you the headaches of managing your data and the processes required to deliver relevant and timely communications for your customers.