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Electronic Campaigns Delivery & Management

AXIS Data Solutions provides for both print and electronic distribution of communications. Our electronic distribution is built on a platform utilizing an Enterprise email delivery system. This platform provides the capabilities you need to manage your email and mobile communications. AXIS Manages the implementation and the integration with your marketing systems to provide a seamless solution whether you are using it for email presentation of statements or you are delivering relevant marketing communications. The system also includes a preference management page for email recipients as well as an email capture and sign-up functionality so that the email address is added to the email database immediately upon registration.

Email is changing and even though the channel is low cost sending too many messages that aren't relevant for a customer can lead to them opting out of your campaigns or ignoring the emails you do send. Utilizing the information in your marketing database to segment and deliver targeted relevant messages is critical to engaging your customers. AXIS Data Solutions will not only offer deployment and management of the data but we review your campaign plans and offer recommendations for utilizing your data to improve relevance.