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Managing communications with your customers has become a complex process. With the growth of communication channels it is a requirement to maintain a 360 degree view of your customers regardless of their preferred method of interacting with your company. A single data repository that is used to analyze and act on customer behavior is an essential tool for marketers. AXIS Data Solutions Database Services includes two options; if you already have a marketing database/MCIF system AXIS will work with that system and act as an extension of your marketing department to analyze and execute marketing communications managed from the MCIF campaign management system. We understand you need to leverage the investment you have made in a marketing database and we can help you realize the potential that the system provides. If you do not currently have a marketing database system or are not getting the most out of the system you have we can build a system for you. We work with several leading software companies to deliver a marketing database solution on a proven platform.

This system includes analytics, reporting and campaign management all designed for marketers and not IT personnel. The system provides an intuitive interface for conducting what-if analysis. Marketers questions and answers gleaned from the data lead to additional questions. This drill down train of thought analysis is critical to understanding and acting on the data that is in your database.

AXIS Data Solutions provides the hardware, software and expertise to deliver a database solution tailored to your specific situation. Please contact us to find out more!