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Data Management

Data Management in the marketing industry includes the processes of acquiring and managing the data utilized to deliver targeted relevant communications. This typically includes the following core components:

List Acquisition
List Coversions & Standardization
Address Hygiene
Merge / Purge
Data Enhancement
Postal Optimization

List Acquisition

Through our relationships with some of the top list brokers in the industry, AXIS will work with you to recommend and acquire prospect lists that are targeted for your business and products. This includes larger compiled lists with appended demographics to smaller more targeted niche focuses such as health care, financial newsletter subscribers, specific product purchasers, ethnic background, etc. We will meet with you to understand your core audience and then find lists that will work for your campaigns.

List Coversions & Standardization

List conversion and standardization is a core component of list processing and this coupled with data hygiene processes ensures that the merge/purge results in identifying as many duplicates as possible and that final files are the best mailable names and addresses. We utilize industry leading software for these processes but many companies utilize similar software. It comes down to the people that are using the software and the processes and procedures we have in place to optimize this process.

Address Hygiene

Address Hygiene, Merge/Purge and postal optimization all combine to ensure that your mailings reach the intended target, improving your campaign ROI. Your direct marketing campaigns are more deliverable and targeted.

Processes includes:

  • Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS), combines address standardization, zip+4 correct and append as well as carrier route and line of travel coding.
  • Address Correction and Standardization
  • NCOA – National Change of Address (We are a licensed NCOA provider by the USPS)
  • Address Element Correction – (AEC) for those addresses that can’t be assigned a zip +4 in the CASS process we will send the file to the USPS to identify additional addresses from this group that can be corrected.
  • Deceased Processing – we identify and drop deceased individuals from your mailing file saving you the processing, production and postage costs associated
  • Prison Suppress
  • School/Library indicator
  • APO/FPO Identification
  • DMA Mail Preference Suppress


How many times do you receive multiple catalogs or mailings at your current address? Think about how much money was spent to produce and mail these duplicate communications. AXIS Data Solutions's merge/purge processing provides the flexibility to identify duplicates at a household or resident level. Coupled with address standardization, file conversions, splits and keying we offer an end to end solution managed by a single point of contact making your job easier.

Data Enhancement

The strongest indicator you have of what someone will do in the future is based on what they have done in the past. Your transactional data is the most valuable data you have but enhancing that with additional demographics and psychographic data improves your ability to segment and target your customers and prospects with the right product, message and offers. We work with the industry leaders to find the data that will be most relevant to you. Yes, you can go direct to these same vendors to acquire these data enhancements, however we have experience working with them and we save you the time and effort of managing multiple vendor relationships. The cost of the data to you is the same whether you go directly to the vendor or contract through us to acquire the data. In fact if you prefer you can negotiate directly with the data sources and once you have an agreement we will work with them to integrate this data into your database and campaigns you are executing.

Postal Optimization

AXIS Data Solutions is a large mailer and as such we have dedicated employees that work with the post office every day to ensure we are delivering the highest level of service for our clients at the lowest postage cost available. Our relationship with the USPS along with our extensive experience preparing files for mailing ensures that your mail is prepared in the most efficient way possible providing the highest levels of automation discounts that your file qualifies for. We not only provide the data processing expertise but our clients look to us as their postal experts.