May 12 2010

Ways to Save & Increase Value- Multi-Channel Communications

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What is Multi-Channel Communications?

It is the art of using several different types of tools to communicate branded messages. Most people consider Multi-Channel Communications just print and internet.

By today’s standards Multi-Channel Communications is comprised of:
·        E-Mail
·        Blogs
·        Web Pages
·        Widgets
·        SMS Texts
·        PURLs
·        Mobile Apps
·        Phone
·        TV
·        Radio
·        Print
·        Instant Messages
·        Podcasts
·        Viral Videos
·        Social Networking

Many businesses are struggling with how to speak with a single voice to their customers. The thing that you want to ensure is that the monthly conversation you are having with your customer is the same across all of the media you use to maintain their relationship with you.

Most people today are living in a multi-channel world and they are paying attention to the messages that are out there.  However, because of the number of communication tools are increasing daily, people are only remembering the ones that have a consistent message with relevant content. Creating an integrated customer communication strategy that leverages the power of applicable channels for your business and uses a single, campaign managed front end can ensure consistency of message and ultimately reduce costs of communicating with each customer. It can also drive the value of each customer response up from the current baseline.

·     Print in the Mix posted that, Six out of 10 (61%) like to receive bills and invoices by physical mail, and nearly as many (59%) prefer to receive financial and bank statements in print, as compared to email.

AXIS knows the importance of getting your message across and we offer several options such as Email Collection & Delivery, Imbedded Onserts with PURLs, Online Payment and Presentment, and your Print Communications.

To learn more about AXIS solutions, call 800-852-3174 to speak with one of our knowledgeable Account Management team members, or fill out our contact form today.

These are our thoughts.  Share what you think.  Send us an email with any questions you may have.  Let’s learn and grow together. AXIS Data Solutions delivers unsurpassed excellence in data programming, laser printing, mail processing & e-business solutions.

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