Aug 07 2009

Ways to Save and Increase Value

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In today’s economy every penny counts! It seems that everybody is looking at the bottom line and actively reviewing their budgets. Postage increases have effected businesses to consider cutting back on their mailings. On May 11th, 2009, the cost of a 1st class stamp increased to $0.44. This is the fifth time postage has increased in the last 10 years. Back in 1999, postage was $0.33.

A common knee jerk reaction is to scale back on mailings. But you and I both know it’s not as simple as that! What about the impacts to your organization?
·    Mail is an important means of keeping in touch with your clients and marketing your brand.
·    Not to mention many of your clients prefer receiving their documents via mail.
·    What about legal requirements? Many mandates still dictate that the piece must be delivered via USPS.
·    Did I mention that Mail is one of the simplistic means of communicating.  Even making simple changes to how you send bills and other notices involves the headaches of coordinating efforts among IT, E-Services, outside vendors, and client services.

Is cutting back the answer? Truly, aren’t you tired of sacrificing due to the forces of the world around you?  Postage is typically a large operating expense and can rack up to 50-75% of the cost to send communications out to your clients.  So, if you could save money, avoid headaches brought on by more change, and increase your value with a targeted message, wouldn’t it be a no brainer?

We feel your frustration too and we have some ideas to share.

In future blogs, we’ll discuss ways to save postage money by maximizing your communications.

Coming up next….. Consolidation, not elimination.

These are our thoughts.  Share what you think.  Send us an email with any questions you may have.  Let’s learn and grow together.

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