Oct 15 2009

Ways to Save and Increase Value- Using Email

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Today, we’re all striving to be efficient and stay connected to our clients. The bottom line is, How do you save that hard earned dollar and still output the service that you do today? You grow with the times!

The use of the U.S. Postal Service and what is known today as “Snail Mail” is reliable and convenient.  But, we all know they’ve been having some “issues”.  There’s no doubt the U.S.P.S. has seen a drop in revenue in the past few years. No matter what condition the economy is in you can probably expect an increase in postage each year. What’s one way to resolve this issue?  Explore email delivery.

You may ask,  How can an Email Delivery system benefit me?
·    Decrease postage costs
·    Keep up with technological trends
·    It’s customer service friendly
·    Links to Online payment drive faster dollar return

Some say, “Well, we have this canned system that output’s the basics. You know an account number, name, billing address and amount.” Who’s to say that you can not have freedom of creativity and produce an email document that looks exactly like what you print and mail today! It’s being done.  You can do it, too!

Looking to begin packaging your Email Delivery needs?
Contact AXIS to speak to a qualified representative to create a solution for you today.

Coming up next….. Ways to Save and Increase Value- Using Email Part II

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