Oct 29 2009

Ways to Save and Increase Value- Using Email Part II

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In our previous blog we spoke of the benefits you could receive with an Email Delivery system. You may ask how do I begin?  Here are some quick tips.
·        Look for a system that has a simple email collection process.
·        It needs to be set up where the Email Opt-In is user controlled and not business controlled.
·        Users should be able to Opt-In and Opt-Out freely.
·        What level of security do you expect?  It should be SSL secure and provide you with customer challenge authentication options.
·        Find a system that you can brand to your look and feel.
·        It provides reports that make it easy for staff resolution such as Email Bounce Back Reporting.
·        Bottom line, you want to have a lot of control over the system.

Moving your statements or notices in a new direction can often be a scary thing. To gradually move into the process and set your mind at ease, you may want to consider a soft roll out. This allows you to Opt-in staff members or a select group of clients that would receive the email notifications as a controlled test group.

Printing & mailing is a reliable form of communication. As technology expands we find that the youth of today is wrapped up in a texting and twitter frenzy and that their communication bridge is not valid unless it is sent across the internet super highway. The teens of today are one step away from adulthood and are your next member or client. What form of communication do you feel they will choose? The adoption rates for emailing are climbing everyday. Email Delivery is a new step towards the future that can enhance your communication.

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Coming up next….. Ways to Save and Increase Value- Postcards

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