Jun 18 2010

Ways to Save and Increase Value- Postcards Part I

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You may be asking,  “How do I get my message out to the world, but still save on cost?” The answer you seek is Postcards. Postcards provide a “Bigger Bang for your Buck” and are the most cost effective way to disseminate information. Did you know that postcards have been said to out perform most means of direct communication mediums, not excluding radio, television, and print?

Some of the benefits of mailing a 1st class postcard vs. a 1st class letter are:
·        Postage Savings on average are $.16/ piece
·        Multiple Design Options
·        Eye Catching. Grabs receivers attention.

Postcards force brevity. As the designer you are going to keep it short, sweet and to the point. Therefore by default they are designed to be read. Did you ever discard a postcard without first skimming the details? You can’t do it!

In our next blog we will discuss the multiple design options available for postcards.

Coming up next….. Ways to Save and Increase Value- Postcards Part II

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