Jul 22 2010

Ways to Save and Increase Value- Postcards Part III

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In two of our previous blogs we spoke of how you can save postage and the specifications required for postcards.

So after much consideration you have decided to take the leap and produce a postcard mailing. Several hours have been spent on producing a piece that gets your message out. The only issue is, it will not fit in the maximum size of 4 ¼” x 6” required by the post office. Do you opt to remove some of your message and mail the smaller postcard? Not necessarily. There is an alternate solution that still has a cost savings, Jumbo Postcards!

The USPS will accept Jumbo Postcards, the only condition is they mail at letter rates. The minimum jumbo postcard is 4 5/16” by 6 1/16” in size and a maximum of  6 1/8” by 11 ½ ”. Even though you are paying letter rates for the jumbo postcard  you are still saving on the cost of the envelopes. Get creative! Use that extra room to grab the attention of your audience.

History Fact: Did you know that Post Master John Creswell, introduced the first pre-stamped “penny postcards” in 1873?  These first postcards depicted the Interstate Industrial Exposition that took place in Chicago.

These are our thoughts.  Share what you think.  Send us an email with any questions you may have.  Let’s learn and grow together. AXIS Data Solutions delivers unsurpassed excellence in data programming, laser printing, mail processing & e-business solutions.

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