Apr 15 2010

Postal Updates- USPS Five Day Delivery Schedule

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As many of you have heard, the USPS is exploring the possibility of cancelling all Saturday mail deliveries. As of April 1st, The Postal Regulatory Commission is currently reviewing the USPS’ request. The USPS reports that the “Five-day delivery is one of the fundamental changes that will help the USPS compete more effectively in the marketplace and better respond to changing customer needs”.

The five-day delivery report issued by the USPS notes, “ Ten years ago, the average household received five pieces of mail every day. Today, it receives four pieces and 2020, that number will fall to three. Reducing street delivery to five days will help rebalance postal operations with the needs of today’s customers. It also will save about $3 billion a year, including reductions in energy use and carbon emissions.”

Some additional notes about this proposal:

·        Post Offices will still be open on Saturday’s
·        Access to PO boxes will continue
·        Express mail will still be delivered seven days a week
·        All incoming mail to the USPS will still be processed
·        Final approval must be received from Congress, if approved it will be implemented in 2011

So what does this mean to you as an individual? How does this effect your business ? Your opinions matter, We would love to hear from you! Send us your comments or reach out to PCC Insider at pccinsider@usps.gov .

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