Dec 30 2009

Postal Updates- Move Update Requirement Changes

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The USPS implemented new rules for Move Update back on November 23, 2008. It requires that all mailers not only First Class, but also Standard Class, update their addresses through an approved “Move Update” process.

Beginning January 4th, 2010
the USPS will be activating the additional postage assessments associated with Move Update compliance.

What does this mean for you?

A 1st class or Standard class mailing with a 30% or More error rate for Move Update will NOT pass the USPS Move Update verification process and will be penalized. For both Standard and First Class mailings, an additional $0.07 per piece will be charged to the portion of the mailing that did not meet the Move Update Compliance.  Any mailings that fail will be placed on hold for review and additional funds received by the USPS.

Move Update Compliance is achieved by:
·        Running your entire databases addresses through a Move Update process a minimum of every 95 days prior to the date of the mailing. (e.g. NCOA- National Change of Address)
·        Updating your database with the moved address information supplied.

The Postal Service does reserve the right to use audits or other procedures to verify that any mailing entered at the presorted rates actually complied with the Move Update requirement.

If you would like more information on how we can help you achieve Move Update compliance, please Contact AXIS to speak to a qualified representative.

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