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Jul 10 2009

Marketing Ideas, It’s in your own Back Yard!

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It had been over 10 years since we rebranded. Yeah, we had our strategic initiatives and a vision of who we were, but we felt lost. Is anyone listening? Hello, can someone help us?
As a company we at AXIS did not feel we were successfully communicating our message to the outside world. Here we were with no dedicated marketing employee on staff. Bound by limited resources, time and funds not to mention all the other priorities on our plate, we sat here wondering where do we go and at a reasonable cost?
A long time friend and business consultant Dwain DeVille connected us to a local college. Rollins College offers a Business Marketing class as part of their nighttime MBA program. For their semester project, these business students are asked to take a company and provide a marketing plan. Professor Jule Gassenheimer, Ph.D., pools local businesses to pitch their company to the class. The students, comprised of working professionals, are broken into teams based on their personalities and skill set. Each team is asked to choose a company for their yearly project. We had the privilege of being chosen by and working with two teams.
What did we learn from this experience? We received a finished documented marketing plan that included a recap and clarification of our strategic direction. We also confirmed that we were headed in the right direction but were not communicating some of our greatest strengths – Customized Application Development and Dedicated Project Management.
Based on the ideas presented by the Rollins teams, we were able to implement the following:
• Updated Logo
• New Website
• Client testimonials
• Incorporated “Data Solutions” into our logo and marketing message
• Bundling our product solutions
• Helped focus our marketing message
Not only did it benefit AXIS but the students gained skills in:
• Team Building
• Presentation Skills
• Project Management
• Business Strategy
And not only were the results impressive, so was the cost – absolutely nothing! Just a few meetings and some emails over the length of the semester.
I’d highly recommend this resource to anyone else out there looking for marketing guidance. Allowing a group of young business leaders/students to look at us from the outside sharpened our vision as a company. So be sure to contact your local college or university before spending big dollars on outside consultants that you look to your local colleges for support. They just might surprise you.
In future blogs we’ll discuss everything from technology trends effecting our industry to ways you can save money while increasing value.
These are our thoughts. Share what you think of our new brand or send us an email with any questions you may have. Let’s learn & grow together.

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