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Sep 30 2009

AXIS Update: USPS CASS Cycle M Release Compliance

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At AXIS Data Solutions, keeping you informed and educated about the ever changing mailing rules and regulations is important to us.  Please note the following information regarding USPS and CASS cycle M release:
As of September 30th, 2009, all mailers that want to qualify for presorted discounted rates have to be compliant with the USPS CASS cycle M release. The option to maintain the original inputted address and only change the City, State, Zip and barcode is no longer permitted.
The new rule for Cycle M states “That CASS software is required to return the preferred format regardless of the input address format”. Any customer who is unable to update their full address to meet this requirement will not be eligible for any postal discounts and would have to mail full rate. See postal sample below.

We realize that some of these regulations can be confusing, if we can answer or address any questions or comments you may have on this subject, please fill out the Contact Us form or visit for additional information.

Disclaimer: AXIS, Inc. has no control of the Preferred addresses used by the USPS in their CASS database. Addresses are subject to change, including the street name, as determined by the information in the USPS CASS database.

These are our thoughts.  Share what you think.  Send us an email with any questions you may have.  Let’s learn and grow together. AXIS Data Solutions delivers unsurpassed excellence in data programming, laser printing, mail processing & e-business solutions.

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